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As a certified eating disorder and addiction specialist, a licensed psychotherapist, a registered dietitian, and global principle consultant for luxury hospitality ~ Gabrielle Tüscher belongs to a leading class of experts. 

Due to her wide range of expertise, Gabrielle has been recognised as a leader in this new terrain that marries mental, behavioural and nutritional psychology, science and cuisine. She provides therapy and expert advice on an International platform to a host of clients dealing with complex psychological, nutritional, and medical concerns.

Gabrielle’s extensive experience lies in depth psychology in the treatment of eating disorders, disordered and emotional eating; body dysmorphia, mental health, substance-related and addiction disorders (adolescents through adulthood). 

Her reputation for her successful work with adolescents afflicted with eating disorders, addictions, and co-occurring disorders is unparalleled.

She provides training to other mental health, medical and educational professionals in the diagnosis, treatment and management of eating disorders.

In addition, Gabrielle provides full consultancy services for leading hotels, resorts, and spas, globally. She is an innovator of luxurious wellness brands of real distinction, customising corporate wellness brands from design through completion to ongoing management.

She served as Nutrition Consultant for the Shangri-La Hotel Management Group, and Nutrition Advisor for the Peninsula Hotel Group and the Peninsula Spas by ESPA. She designed the ‘Naturally Peninsula’ corporate health and wellness brand, which encompassed a variety of F&B and wellness programmes for all properties within the group. Gabrielle also performs comprehensive nutrition analysis for restaurants and food companies globally.

Gabrielle serves as contributing editor for a host of publications. She has been quoted in over 50 national publications including the International Herald Tribune, Harper’s Bazaar, Newsweek, Travel & Leisure, and Vogue.

Celebrity clientele includes award winning hotels and spas, and the entertainment industry.


Gabrielle K. Tüscher MSc (Child & Adol. Psych.), MSc (Clin. Nutri.), CEDS, RDN

Professional Qualifications:

  • MSc (Clinical Nutrition & Medical Nutrition Therapy), US
  • MSc (Child & Adolescent Psychology), CH
  • Certified Eating Disorder Specialist/Lic. Therapist, US
  • Registered Dietitian, US
  • E. Certification of Psychotherapy (ECP), EU
  • 16+ Years Experience