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Addictions, eating disorders, and co-occurring mental health disorders remain sorely misunderstood (and often taboo) within the International and Asian communities.

Gabrielle is passionate in her work and has been privileged to help bring awareness to broaden communications in otherwise challenging demographics.  

Through Gabrielle’s depth therapy paradigm, she brings ingrained insight and immense empathy to her work, allowing clients to heal aspects of their psyche yet to be accessed.

At the start of each therapist-client relationship, Gabrielle takes the time to truly understand the complex layers behind each of her clients’ struggles.

She carefully guides you in becoming more mindful in nurturing-self, while in turn, addressing distorted myths, and challenging potentially destructive behaviours.  She is inherently compassionate in her approach, while knowing just when to push as needed, or when to acknowledge her clients’ need to step back.

For those attempting to address the food aspect of therapy, Gabrielle conveys the importance of the ‘two brain dynamic’ – psychological instinct of gut and brain.

Nutrition is the foundation of optimal mental health, and of course, disease prevention. What we eat ultimately dictates for example, how we feel, look, manage stress, combat anxiety and depression, cling to disordered thoughts – or ignite them.

Along with the above nutrition psychology, therapeutic tools provided focus on the client, the process, and the relationship.

The ultimate goal being, to set you up for a life long healthy relationship with the whole self.


(Children, Adolescents & Adults)

Individual, Couples & Family Therapy (60-120-minutes)

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Online/Phone Individual, Couples & Family Therapy  (60-120-minutes)

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