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“I was initially referred to Gabrielle by my psychiatrist to help me with my depression and anxiety. We have been working together for 6 months and I have really learnt how much what I feed my body is connected to the way I feel. Not to mention how I respond to stress and low moments in my life when suicide seemed like the only way out – it’s not.

I am learning a new respect for myself, my body and how important it is to take care of myself through healthy coping skills, changing my behaviours and learning how to use my voice instead of punishing myself through self-harm behaviours. Thank you for showing me I deserve to be me and how to treat myself with respect.” – Belinda M (Gen. Anxiety & Depressive D; Narcotics Addiction)

“I cannot thank Gabrielle enough for changing my life. When I first met Gabrielle, I was under 38kg and had suffered from eating disorders on and off for 9 years. I had seen many therapists over the years but none of them connected with me on a level like Gabrielle!

I felt not only was she there for me for the 2 sessions a week for over a year and a half, but she was there for me everyday of the week when I felt myself going downhill! Knowing that she was a message away 24/7 is what helped me through the toughest stages of my recovery.

A bit about my story,

For me, I turned to anorexia and exercise bulimia and bulimia for help from a bullying incident. I felt that if I couldn’t control the people around me, I would control myself in a way to contain my pain. My disorder consisted of eating minimal, then spending hours at the gym planning my binge, then binge eating everything i could see, then purging and sometimes going back to the gym.

The addiction to exercise and food controlled my actions so much that it disrupted my friendships, relationships, sleep, uni, goals and physical features. I began to become so lifeless and hopeless! I lost my hair, nails were shedding, I missed meetings with friends, my memory deteriorated. It consumed me so much that I began to throw away my dreams without even realizing it.

Recovery for me was the HARDEST thing I’ve ever been through, so without Gabrielle, I definitely couldn’t have done it alone. During recovery, I had never felt more horrible about my appearance and never been more negative to the people around me.

My demons were pulling me down so much and it made me think and act in such negative ways! I can’t thank Gabrielle enough for sticking by me through those tough battles and being there every second of the way!

I am now an international professional pole dancer with sponsorship from the company I always dreamed about! I’ve won the HK champion pole dancing title and ran 2nd and 3rd at natural body building competitions in Australia. I am now a personal trainer and pole instructor in Australia helping others achieve their goals! My approach to food and training has COMPLETELY changed and have so much knowledge of how my body works now!! Coming from a running addict, I can honestly say, running is always the last thing on my mind and it’s a very rare occasion for me now!

From beginning my journey of recovery with Gabrielle, I remember mentioning all the things in my life I wanted to achieve and how I felt like they were impossible and so far away. Now, 2 years on, I have achieved all of these things and more, and I am now setting new goals for the future!

My name is Amy Hazel and I am happy to share my story with the world and to show my appreciation for the amazing woman that opened my eyes and made it all possible!”  – Amy Hazel Price (Bulimia N. & Anorexia N.)

“Gabrielle, thank you for your selfless, compassionate outpouring of support, love and care throughout our family’s struggle dealing with our daughters ED.

Our family is truly at a loss for words to express our thankfulness to you for giving us back our little girl healthy and whole, when we feared she was gone forever.

I only wish more families had you on their team to get their daughters (and sons) to the life they deserve beyond this terrifying disease known as orthorexia.”  D Hughes (Orthorexia, Exercise Compulsion)

“I have battled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I tried (and failed) every diet ever written, with my weight yo-yoing up and down for years, hating my body every step of the way for never being thin or good enough. You taught me a new approach to weight loss that tossed gimmick diets out the window and realistic lifestyle choices in, which helped me achieve my ideal weight.

Now 8 years on I have maintained my healthy skinny weight – pre-and-post children. Not only that, but you taught me how to embrace and love my body, and my current relationship with food is one I have always dreamed of.

What would I have done without our skype sessions?? Thank you for the laughter, the tissues, and for your endless support and advice. I couldn’t have gotten here without you.”  Christine (Emotional Eating; Wt. Loss, AA)

“Battling years of depression, today I am healthy, maintaining my sobriety and happy and it’s all due to your support and guidance. I can’t say thank you because it simply isn’t nearly enough. You ROCK!”  Taylor (BLPD, Subst. Addiction)

“You’ve provided me with unwavering support through the lowest times for which I cannot thank you enough. I so admire your dedication and genuine drive to help people.

You have taught me so much how to look after myself and the ebbs and flows of life. Your knowledge of human nature, insight into yourself and outlook on life inspires me every day.

Beginning my journey into recover I was oblivious to how hard it would be and how deeply attached I was. You’ve helped me to feel prepared, strong and gave me hope that life IS better on the other side. When no one else understood you always bridged the gap and always cleared the situation up for me.

Your advice has been invaluable and I have never doubted that when you pushed me to break my own boundaries, that you had my best interests at heart. You never let me fall and walked with me night and day in my darkest hours.

Without you I never would’ve found such a deep connection and appreciation for my parents. I’m scared to be off to university, but feel excitement too knowing you will be with me every step of the way.

Please continue to push me, question me and challenge my eating disorder. You are a caring free spirit, not to mention SUCH a badass!! I am lucky to have you.”         – S. H. (Anorexia N, Trauma.)

“When I came to Gabrielle to get my body in shape for a role in a film, I didn’t expect to leave with a whole new insight into myself, my relationship with my body, food, and the people in my life.

You not only gave me the killer bod I needed to be on screen, but you literally changed my life. Thank you simply doesn’t cut it.” – Jessica A. (Body Dysmorphia, Trauma)

“When I took my five year old son to see Gabrielle he would only eat white food, barely ate a thing no matter how much we encouraged him to eat more, and at times literally made himself sick when presented with a new food. Meal times became battle zones as he got older and the restricting intensified.

We took him to every psychologist and dietitian in town and no one made a difference. We were at our wits end when our GP referred us to Gabrielle.

Her care and support in helping him to understand that it was safe to eat outside his comfort zone was truly remarkable and the behavioural changes we experienced under her therapeutic care were incredible.

She also helped us see that we were a major part of the problem without pointing the finger at us and guided us away from our destructive behaviours that were contributing in his trying to control his emotions through food and self harm.

Now we approach things very differently and each day is less of a struggle – mealtimes are often even fun!

We couldn’t have reached this point without you and in the meantime, what can I say?  Michael has developed his first crush.”  Jules Parker (Picky eater, Anxiety D.)

You literally gave me my life back – Best therapist EVER!!   B. T (Suicidology, Trauma & Self-harm)